I have spoken at a variety of events, from university lectureship series to faculty development workshops.  Most recently, I have been speaking on my forthcoming book on the Islamic Mary  and my previous book The Bible and the Qur’an: Biblical Figures in the Islamic Tradition.  I am interested in how stories and traditions evolve and grow throughout religious traditions, especially within  Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  Questions that motivate my research are why do certain stories spread, adapt and stay relevant?  How do they spark moral and theological reflection across time and place and engender various debates and discussions?  In all of my presentations, I work to tailor the content to the audience and the mission and vision of the host institution.

I have been fortunate to speak on the book and its relevant themes at Georgetown UniversityCatholic University,  Emory’s Candler School of Theology, the University of Calgary, the University of St. Thomas, The University of Texas at Austin, George Mason University, the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh, Grace Presbyterian Church and other venues.  Please email me at: yym2@georgetown.edu if you would like me to contribute to one of your programs virtually or in-person.

Sample Programs:

Short Courses:

I have taught variations of a short class on the Qur’an at Georgetown University, UPenn, Allegheny College, Chicago Theological Seminary, the University of Sarajevo and other educational institutions.  For instance, I have taught courses entitled: “Introduction to the Qur’an”, “The Qur’an and the Bible”, “Stories of the Prophets”, and “The Qur’an and its Interpreters”.  Email me at yym2@georgetown.edu if you are interested in bringing this short course/workshop to your campus or community.  The course can be taught online or in person.