Is Mary the New Link between Christians and Muslims?

As we approach the Winter holidays, it would be appropriate to discuss the common links between Christians and Muslims and especially the various figures that bring the traditions together. After 9/11, there was a strong emphasis on Abraham/Ibrahim as a uniting figure across the monotheistic traditions, most notably Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The most important academic book published during this period was F.E. Peters’ The Children of Abraham: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.[1] As the title suggests, Peters understood the various religions as being part of one family and sought to bring together the feuding factions. As he writes in his preface, “Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are all children born of the same Father and reared in the bosom of Abraham. They grew to adulthood in the rich spiritual climate of the Middle East, and though they have lived together all their lives, now in their maturity they stand apart and regard their family resemblances and conditioned differences with astonishment, disbelief, or disdain.”[2] Peters sought to demonstrate the common roots of the various faiths and how they have more in common than modern adherents may actually think.


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