Writing a New Book on the Islamic Mary/Maryam

Hi Everyone

I hope that you are well and healthy!  I am happy to share that I just signed a contract with Fortress Press to write a book on the Islamic Mary (Maryam)!  The book builds off my previous book Bible and the Qur’anprevious articles on the topic, and some blog posts.  Below is a description.  Let me know if you any ideas or suggestions!

The Islamic Mary will explore the figure of the Islamic Mary or Maryam who is a shared figure between Christians and Muslims and is found throughout the Islamic tradition from the religion’s holiest text the Qur’an, to modern interfaith relations.  The book will start from the beginning of Islam in the early 7th century and examine Maryam through the Qur’an and the biography of the Prophet Muhammad.  It will then transition to the medieval period where Maryam appears in theological debates regarding prophecy, Sufi discussion around piety and polemics between Christians and Muslims.  It will end discussing how Maryam is depicted in Islamic art throughout time and then modern ecumenical relations.

I look forward to being in touch!  All the best.  

Younus Y. Mirza

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